The main objective of the project is to analyze and exchange strategies comprising prevention, intervention and compensation measures to help achieve the 2020 Lisbon target of reducing the rate of early school leaving (ESL) to 10%. These strategies will be looked at by studying both the measures taken in the context of the education policies of the regions participating in the project and the measures taken by schools. The project has been structured into four main themes:

  •  Analysis of the causes of ESL and awareness of the problem
  • Early prevention aimed at increasing the percentage of students who leave school with a qualification, with special attention to risk groups (immigrants, ethnic minorities, students in depressed areas).
  •  Recovery of students who have left the system
  • Educational offers for youth who have left the system.

The associations will organize seminars jointly; these will have theory sessions with experts and contributions from the participating schools. The results of each workshop will be included in a report. The final year a document with conclusions and proposals will be produced. The final products of the project will be the reports of the working sessions, the final document and the project website.